Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Regal Eagle Tree

For a landmark in Compton, the Eagle Tree is a tough find. Although years ago it was the only tree in a field of mustard and weeds, these days the 60-ft. tall sycamore is crammed between a couple residential buildings in need of a paint job. It's anywhere from 250 to 600 years old...who knows? One account tells of bald eagles that nested in the tree for years until some cluck shot one of them in 1870, and in the 1980s another idiot unsuccessfully tried burning the tree down.

I could see the old Native Daughters of the Golden West plaque from a distance, but I wasn't in the mood to hop the fence or challenge the dog keeping watch. Man, Compton needs to do a better job of protecting and honoring its points of interest.


Michael Silva said...

Where is this located exactly?

Unknown said...

The tree is located just east of the intersection of Poppy and Short Aves in Compton.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am looking for the owner of the image?