Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Mexican's Mexican

On the way home from work yesterday I picked up a couple things from the new Mother's Market in Santa Ana. This supermarket has grown on me like organic mushrooms...I dig their pick-your-part burrito counter with the soyrizo chomps.

I'm pretty sure I saw Gustavo Arellano, the OC Weekly rockstar who cranks out the regular Ask a Mexican column, stocking his yellow shopping basket. He was at the opposite end of Aisle 7, so I could be mistaken, but he sported the signature guayabera shirt.

Nice timing because the previous night I had read his carefully researched article, The Assassination of Sheriff James Barton by the Mexican Juan Flores. Wow...this was a clipper. I enjoyed learning more about old-timey Orange County history, and Arellano showed how facts get twisted by lazy historians, journalists, and academics.

Keep up the good work, Mr. Arellano.


Jane said...

John, I just finished reading Orange County, Arellano's new book. It's great. I think in the book he says he lives in Santa Ana.

BaddicusFinch said...

I haven't gotten to it yet...maybe I'll pick up a copy this weekend...

hey Jane do you know Dithmar? When I first saw Arellano's picture I thought I was looking at Dithmar

Jane said...

I don't know Dithmar, but I've heard the name from you and others.