Monday, March 8, 2010

Almaden Quicksilver

I took this picture of the Almaden 5 (formerly Almaden Twin) marquee during a visit back to San Jose in 2001. I can only decipher the first two lines of text...Cinema and All Stores Open During Construction. Never been back.

Although in junior high I usually watched movies at the nearby Gould Cinemas, the Almaden Twin was only a couple buses (72 & 26) away. There was also the draw of the skateboard shop, Go-Skate, where my friend Larry would filch stickers while his brother Robert rounded up coins for Thrifty Ice Cream. I remember watching Rad at the Twin, and I can still hear Robert laughing his head off when Chevy Chase ripped one in Spies Like Us.

Great times...skating, taking the bus, watching movies, laughing at fart jokes. I am amazed to hear from adults who proudly say they grew up without ever taking the bus.

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