Thursday, March 29, 2012

Geodesic dumb

I was chased today in the afternoon by an enraged man who didn't take kindly to me photographing his house. I love geodesic domes...even partial ones like the one in Compton on Alondra Boulevard, so I parked on a side street and walked over. I didn't touch the property in any way.

I was standing in the street median for the pictures. As I lowered my camera, this guy, presumably the property owner, came bounding out of the house. I started with an "I really like your house," but he picked up running speed. I sized up his anger and his build and made the split-second decision to run. Lucky for me I can run a decent speed for short distances, so I outran Mr. Furious, no problem.

He began to turn back, so I thought I'd take a picture of him for defensive reasons. He saw my camera in the air, so again he came charging at me, and again he couldn't keep up.

Man, that was an interesting lunch hour. I wonder if he thought I was going to rob him. Maybe collectors are coming after him. Who knows...but to get back to my car, and without knowing if this fellow would return with a weapon, I had to cautiously walk "the long way."

Anyway, here is his house. I also like the triangle window on the garage...

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