Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fireworks in Cudahy

I worked late tonight and drove past Cudahy on the 710 Freeway. They really are a patriotic city, as we know by the sculpture of George Washington looking stately upon Clara Street as dedicated by Osvaldo M. Conde.

Not only that, undeterred by the arrest of Mayor David Silva, Councilmember Osvaldo Conde, and head of Code Enforcement Angel Perales, the city pulled together an awe-inspiring fireworks show. You should've seen the cars swerving across freeway lanes for a better view of the colorful explosions.

What a jammed packed night in Cudahy, as there was also a City Council meeting earlier in the evening. I wonder if the news outlets covering the Cudahy City Council meeting tonight took a look at the agenda. Funny...they finally had the minutes of the Council meetings from February, March, April, May, and June ready for approval tonight. It seems like the expected public scrutiny of city business following the high-profile arrests led the city officials to clean up their act and provide the long overdue meeting minutes. Just speculating...

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