Monday, March 2, 2009

Anti-Communist Hardliners...Chill!

I finished reading Mein Kampf last spring and it bored me to death. I don't know why I even bothered. Now, the stupid book is just sitting on my shelf. I think about selling it on Amazon but why spread the boredom?

Speaking of bores, the Vietnamese community in town is scaring me a little bit. I'm talking about the older generation anti-communist hardliners lurking in my neighborhood. I remember a few years ago when thousands swarmed a video store in Little Saigon because the owner had a poster of Ho Chi Minh on his wall. The owner denied he was a communist. He just wanted to show that in the United States there was such a thing as the power of the First Amendment. If we can't have it here, how the heck are they going to have it in Vietnam? Anyhoo, they ran the guy out of town.

A few weeks ago, these same fascists spray-painted Brian Doan's photographs at an art show in Santa Ana. His work depicted communist stars and all that jazz. Coalition Against Resolution #36 and the Yellow Flag Youth are two of the groups that organized the protests and intimidated artists and patrons alike. They succeeded in driving Brian Doan's show out of town to Cypress College. And whaddya know...the Hitler brigade followed him and threw yet another protest to get his art eradicated from this communist-free world.

This is very disturbing to me. I understand the old hate. I've read books, seen films, and talked to friends who'd experienced the hurt...but darn it, this is America. We inhale freedom of speech!

Basically I'm just waiting for the old ones to chill, and am clapping for the young Vietnamese who are beginning to vote Democratic. This craziness must stop, or I'm going to have to start making sling shots to shoo some arthritic critics out of my town.

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