Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fashion Victim

In Santa Ana we have a decent last-chance movie theater...Picture Show at the MainPlace Shopping Center. Can't beat the $1.75 price, and there's always something to laugh about. On Saturday an older woman had no qualms asking for a senior discount. And the ticket taker decided to take a stroll..."I had to pick my 'fro," he casually explained.

MainPlace is an enclosed mall. It used to be Santa Ana Fashion Square, an open air retail center that was demolished in the '80s. Now plans are kicking around to raze the north Macy's and build a roofless entertainment-shopping area. Funny how shopping trends go...from traditional downtowns to open air malls to enclosed malls and back to open air malls and "lifestyle centers" that try to mimic traditional downtowns.

Take a look at the plaque celebrating a parking garage built in 1978 with city funds for the Fashion Square. You gotta love how the mayor and city council wanted a pat on the back. I doubt they paid as much attention to Santa Ana's downtown in those days...

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