Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mr. Garza, will you please take a, now!

Ever been hiking and been bit by an insect that looked like someone you know? How it itched and burned and you'd love nothing better than to slap the pesky splat? Well that was how I felt last night at Barnsdall Park's Charles Mingus lecture series in the stunning building built by Frank Lloyd Wright himself.

Oscar Garza, the moderator of the evening, was the insect I was referring to. On the panel was a toker and music producer named Hall Willner who talked mostly about his cds and Lou Reed. The other person was the youngest son of Charles Mingus, and the last, and I believe, the most credible of all, was Mingus' best friend and fellow collaborator since age twelve. Buddy Collette, an 87 year-old genius amongst jazz fans, was wheeled in ready to tell the audience stories about the good old days, when Garza, the cornhole, kept interrupting him to go to the other panelists.

At one point he told Collette, "Relax a minute and drink your water." Grrr! People hissed at this and shouted, "Rude!" but Garza was unstoppable. The idiot ruined the evening in my opinion. Imagine being so disrespectful to a living icon like that. It's like telling Gandhi to take a swim in the Ganges while he interviews the cast of Slumdog Millionaire.

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