Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fear and Loafing in Los Angeles

Being called a "dog hussy" while taking a jaunt down Broadway made me pause a little and say thanks. Living in downtown has changed up the venue. More exciting, more urban, more fun. However, I'm not indifferent to those pushed away from my street, Spring, to Los Angeles Street and down to Skid Row to accommodate the feckless and the yuppies. Although I don't consider myself a yuppie, living in a high rise loft sure makes me feel like one.

I'm aware that a couple of years ago, the Spring Street bus route was hacked away due to tenant complaints of too much noise. Restaurants, clubs, and chic shops have sprouted. This is not like the downtown I grew up visiting. The revitalization of the city is amazing...dog walkers everywhere. I just feel major guilt about how the other half lives...two blocks from me. Look at me...I've finally fulfilled my dream of living in the city, yet I'm holding my breath in worry about patting myself on the back.

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