Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Neutra Burrito Supreme

We went to the Silver Lake area a few weeks ago to check out the Neutra houses. Pretty cool stuff. Boosting up the neighborhood's worth with rows of houses with clean lines - Neutra's signature - and unassuming wood and glass design. The other day while exploring my neighborhood, I stopped by the Richard Riordon Library or the Central Library as I still call it. Wouldn't you know it, there was an exhibit on Richard Neutra's sketches.

The man was the da Vinci of architecture. He drew his own plans, climbed Aztec pyramids with Frida and Diego, and fought with the Austrian Brigade in WWI. He also supported Upton Sinclair's socialist bid for the presidency in the '30s. He drew plans for low-cost housing for migrant workers using raw materials such as fruit crates. The man was as interesting as his work...maybe even more so.

After finding all this out, we stumbled upon Mai's Organic Mexican food. The veggie burrito was yummy but the nagging question of Mai possibly being Vietnamese bugged me to the very last bite. Not that race should have anything to do with it. On Broadway, there's an Indian and Mexican restaurant. How random is that? Beans and tikka masala?

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