Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 20 - Tree friend and Fallingwater

Ohiopyle, PA & Roanoke, VA:

I was an hour early for my tour at Fallingwater so I logged onto my Facebook account. I saw a picture of my brother's feet with the caption..At the ER...back trouble. I felt bad for him so I set upon the woods to commune with the trees that have been bullying me lately. It was a peaceful moment with young sapling trees swaying to the mountain breeze. At last I embraced my tall green friends again.

And that's what Frank Lloyd Wright was all of nature and breaking bread with the surroundings. Fallingwater was indeed shockingly original in every respect. He sited the house foundation on a waterfall for crying out loud. The interior details were almost perverse in their simple grandeur. I'll let the pictures do the talking as I haven't the vocabulary to describe the place.

After my tour I headed for Roanoke, Virginia. With nearly six hours of winding back roads filled with foliage, I kept thinking that if I had a flat, I wouldn't be able to describe where I was. I'd only seen a few cars here and there... I passed by logging and mining areas and basically more trees.

When I finally reached Roanoke, I was extremely tired and hungry. I hadn't eaten real meals in two days. The downtown area reminded me of Orange Circle in OC, only bigger. I decided to eat at a Mexican place called Alejandro's before checking into a motel. Had mole, black beans, and rice. Pretty good but not quite sweet enough. It was a risk eating Mexican food in far-flung rural settings but this one turned out none too shabby...not the intolerable Mex meal I suffered in Wichita, Kansas last autumn.

At Rodeway Inn, I put my foot in it. A man in front of me was asking if the motel shuttles people to the convention which was pretty much across the street. The robust black lady behind the counter shook her head. "Lazy," she said when the man left at which point the proprietor, an Indian guy, came to the front desk and asked me, "Are you a Jehovah's Witness?" My eyes bulged. "No! Are you?" was my rude reply. With that I heard a fellow clearing his throat behind me and somberly asking, "Can I borrow an ironing board and iron?"

Apparently there's a Jehovah's Witnesses convention tomorrow across the street. I felt like crap. That's just like someone saying, "A Democrat! Hell no. I'm Libertarian." Sometimes I'm a prejudiced idiot. Sorry neighbors.

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