Monday, September 1, 2008

Nyala Ethiopian Restaurant Makes Me Want To Cry

My favorite Ethiopian restaurant has gone downhill. They used to have excellent service, bigger portions, and better tasting food. Now it's the pits, and even the flavor of the red dahl is off.

In the not so distant past, I contemplated having my wedding reception there, but certain relatives indicated they refused to eat food that "resembled excrement." I guess not everyone shared my taste. That was years back, and my most recent afternoons there left more to be desired. I gave it another go last Friday and tried their buffet. I was happy because I figured at least I could control the portions and gorge myself. But like I said, the taste was a little off. The stewed cabbage was too watery (though still good) and the dahls were subnormal. Plus, the servers took their sweet time polishing off their own lunch before acknowledging me.

Sorry, Nyala. I have to eat across the street now at the Vegan Ethiopian restaurant I can't remember the name of. The food is kickass, the service is excellent, and the portions are more than decent.

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