Monday, September 8, 2008

Update on Ezra the Puppy

Our dogs Penny and Little despised little Ezra. They would bark and growl at her to the point that I would be afraid to leave her alone with them. I guess I wouldn't blame my dogs for being angry and depressed (they would mope all day). Ezra and I had become close. She followed me around, even when I was on the toilet, plopping down next to me. It really hurt to see her go.

John and I took her to the pound where they will keep her for a few months. They said that they kept nice dogs longer. Ezra wouldn't have any problems getting adopted because of her age and personality they said. I hope so. Meanwhile Ezra is number 2454 on the website of the Orange County Animal Care Center. I love that dog. Good luck to her.

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