Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Show me some skin

I discovered the secret to stepping into construction sites to take a look-see without getting hassled. Dress professionally, look like you belong, and when construction workers come your way, just give them a friendly nod and say, "It's looking really good."

Today I rolled into the job site for Los Angeles Unified's new School of Visual and Performing Arts. What a beast...about $200 million budgeted. Getting close, and LAUSD plans to open it up Fall 2009. Too bad nobody knows what the curriculum will be or which students will be allowed to attend. Setting aside the steep pricetag for a moment, the design is tops. I'm big on the silver-gray metallic panels, the awesome twisted tower view of/from the 101 freeway, and the coney library (a flash-forward version of Oxford's Radcliffe Library). It's a sure bet that a sci-fi movie will be filmed here, like Serenity and the Cell were filmed at Diamond Ranch High School.

I left quickly. Horrible memories of interviewing for a stint as a substitute teacher in 1996 (!) came back, so I had to escape. Egads...I can still hear that phone ringing at 5 in the morning to call me back to hell.

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