Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Boathouse for the Gods

I visited my brother in Boston last week and he kindly humored me by following the itinerary I printed out for my east coast trip: John Adams house, Walden Pond, Salem, Nathaniel's Hawthorn's Seven Gable House and so forth, not to mention stopping by every squish penny machines in Massachusetts to add to BaddicusFinch's collection.

As we chugged along Nonatum Road in Brighton, I spotted a very interesting looking building that seemed to be made out of wavy wood. I shouted, "Stop! Make a right and go to the parking lot!" Again, an imposition to my brother and the other passengers in the car.

With a promise that I wouldn't take long, I proceeded to take pictures of the structure. It turns out later that the building was a new community boathouse where people could store their rowing boats for unlimited use for $400 a month. The exterior is wood laminate and was designed by Anmahian Winton Architects Inc. of Cambrige.

I swear, this building, though still under construction, is so easy on the eyes. I wonder what the interior will look like?

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