Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chills Over Veggie Pinoy Food

I heard from a Facebook friend that a vegetarian Filipino restaurant sat in the heart of downtown El Segundo. Being a vegetarian and a Filipina I just about died. I ordered BaddicusFinch to drive me there pronto. We found Papillon restaurant and had to wait around an hour until they opened. In the meantime, we wasted time at the local yogurt shop which charged by the ounce (we didn't know this).

The moment of truth came. The veggie menu and dishes I've seen my relatives devour countless of times swam before my eyes. You see, Pinoys are meat eaters just like most Pacific Islanders...and there's no room for someone like me.

BFinch ordered chicken adobo, Sonia ordered pansit, and I ordered pork adobo and menudo, a meat stew. I ate quite a lot, but as I was chewing my food I realized that the dish I was eating was crap. I could make better adobo than the one they served us. And worst of all, the supposedly tomato-based sauce of the menudo had more than a hint of melted velveeta cheese. Gross.

Anyhoo, I'm glad we tried it anyway. At least it's out of our system...hopefully the velveeta sauce as well. Yuck!

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