Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Brooms and Airplanes Don't Jive

My sister's Russian mother-in-law, Olga, requested that I bring with me two Asian-style brooms when I visited them in Maryland. This request was made on a Sunday, a day before my trip. BaddicusFinch and I had a hell of a time finding them on a day where every Asian store seemed to be closed. Like a dufus I was hoping I wouldn't find any. I didn't want to lug a stick with fringes.

Alas, we discovered the brooms at Dalat, the low rent 99 Ranch Market. The very spindly sweeper with coconut hair-looking fronds was bagged to hide what it was and carried the next day on the plane as my hand carry.

I swear, every Filipino and unknown Asian checked out my witchmobile and smirked. Some even chuckled. Very embarrassing. But all ill feelings left me when I saw the joy in Olga's face. She said she's been looking in Maryland for two years now and failed miserably. So I ate her delicious food and sat back and contemplated my heroism and sacrifice.

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