Thursday, December 11, 2008


So Sean Penn landed a Golden Globe nomination for his Harvey Milk portrayal...well deserved, Spicoli. (Interesting how James Franco was channeling Spicoli in Pineapple Express, and here he's, uh, channeling Harvey Milk.)

I saw the film last weekend at the Regency South Coast Village in Santa Ana, which actually markets itself as a Costa Mesa location. Sure, you can see Costa Mesa's South Coast Plaza from the theater parking lot, but I still get a kick outta how Santa Ana is considered the kiss of death.

The audience had a mass chuckle at the ribbing Orange County (ground zero for the Proposition 6 shock troops of 1978) takes in the movie. I doubt many hard-line conservatives would spend their weekend watching a movie sympathetic to gay characters, so I'm wondering if the laughter was "ha ha, we've come a long way since then" or nervous "ha ha, things haven't changed that much in 30 years!" Personally, I was laughing, "ha ha, I had nerd glasses just like those!"

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