Wednesday, May 19, 2010

smacked to be pardoned

I've heard the word 'selfish' so many times this week that it's become an itch on my back. You see, I've decided (in my usual impulsive way) that I'll drive across country on my own for a few weeks hitting mostly the southern states. Well meaning friends and family members have criticized me for being a callous wife for leaving Baddicus (he couldn't get away from work), and they portend fantastic visions of me getting beat up, raped, burned by the KKK, carjacked, and mangled.

All this because two weeks ago I bought a Droid which replaced my very ancient flip phone. Once I mastered the phone and boosted my ego, I went on to purchase a GPS. Thus began the problems. Personally, I want to travel solo because I want to prove to myself that I can - which is selfish in itself. I want to see authors' homes, Civil War sites, architectural wonders, Ali's home in KY and so forth. Very selfish indeed.

Today, I tested out my GPS and set the course to the George S. Patton Museum near Indio. I also made a stop at Shields Date Garden where I bought some khardrawi dates and looked at their famous sign, "Romance and Sex Life of the Date."

Sorry everyone...

And so I admit my terrible ways. I'm sorry to everyone involved...especially Bad who's never been anything but supportive. I'm even more sorry that I am still leaving on June 12th despite everyone's objections.

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