Thursday, May 13, 2010

Swear taco truck in the world

Hermanas Torres, the sisters that make taco truck cuisine so exquisitely that no gourmet chef can touch them, is as of yet under the radar screen of DT and Silver Lake hipsters. Good thing too because once they start sniffing around, the cops come.

HT, or Hermenez, as a friend of ours call them, can be found on First and Breed in Boyle Heights after 4pm...but you should keep that a secret. They start business when the muffler shop whose lot they rent closes up and stay open until midnight or so. Just eat your deep fried quesadillas slathered with homemade guacamole and salsa and splurge. They also got the usual meat fare which I'm sure kick ass. Btw, they make their own tortillas that are to murder for. It's a family affair so don't get weirded out when you see a 10 year-old taking your order.

Give them some business, but don't cop them out or I'll get you.

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