Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 2 - Loneliness of a Long Distance Driver


The dramatic title isn't meant to be negative or Hollywood. I got it from the movie/book, Loneliness of a Long Distance Runner. The runner would have flashbacks while he'd run. As for me, seven hours of driving tended to push the mind in the direction of everywhere. The drive from green Arizona to earth tone New Mexico was relaxing. I made up movies in my head, thought about the good things in my life and so forth. Real corny stuff. Clive Owen and Matt Damon were really amazing in my movie.

I reached Socorro, a tiny town off the 60 Highway, and searched for one thing: one of the oldest missions in America from the 1500's - so the plaque said. It was nice but I think they overdid it with the new stucco. Not much else to be found in this place except a Taco Bell. I had my dinner there. Great for the wallet. I found a decent motel at under $35.00. Not to be racist or anything...just an observation...but this is the fifth motel I've checked on that's Indian owned. Just find it interesting.

Snowy TV but was able to watch the Celtics win! Yippee!!!!

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