Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 4 - Band-Aid and my hot transvestite neighbor


Yesterday’s antics really shook me up despite my attempt at calm this entire day. I forgot to mention that the New Mexico cops kept asking me if my husband knew where I was. Hmm. Do you Baddicus? Didn’t I phone you before the dog started sniffing my car?

Anyballoo, as I drove I continued my Clive Owen saga, listened to Radiohead, but still couldn’t get the wobbliness from my legs this morning…that was until I bought wheat bread for .99 at a gas station mini-mart. Now I'll be able to try the Cheez Whiz that Bad bought to spread on pan de sal. How lowbrow and full of preservatives, but I don’t care. I’m on a micro-budget as motel money keeps eating away at my reserves. The tab for 4-6 weeks of roof over my head scares me.

The drive down to Dallas was gorgeous. Rain kindly washed the car, and I couldn’t believe how green things were for the month of June. Drivers aren’t like Californians...very courteous and keep within the speed limit. I imagine my friend Jeremy the Race Car Driver dying over here. Plus, folks still use checkbooks to pay for gas and groceries.

Before getting a place, I decided to visit downtown Dallas and check on the 6th Floor Museum where Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK (alone?) from the notorious half-moon window. At first I was pissy about the audio guide and the amount of pictures to be tackled in the museum – especially since I paid $13.50! But the audio with eyewitness testimonies fit perfectly with the photographs. A couple of times I actually teared up...until I heard an ornery woman shout, “He didn’t bring the wall down! Reagan did that. Reagan’s a hero to us.”

I walked the infamous grassy knoll and strolled the downtown streets glistening with heat. I saw wondrous buildings with names I did not learn, but I took lots of pictures of them. I love skyscrapers because they remind me of home. They make me forget that I’m not in hicksville anymore where three officers of the law fiddle with an innocent traveler's car for no meaningful reason.

I’m staying two days in Dallas then I’m off to Oklahoma. Ramada Inn is the cheapest today. Across the way from my complex are people who rent by the month. A pretty transvestite in Daisy Dukes said hi to me and I felt better. She reminded me of L.A. Cool.

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