Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 5 - Tilapia, Gumby, and Bonnie


Staying an extra day in Dallas to unwind my muscles and catch up on sleep – which is good because I’m going to be driving 7-8 hours to reach Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Looking forward to seeing Frank Lloyd Wright’s only skyscraper and other fun stuff beside...all payback for my failed attempt to track down Wright’s Dallas Theater Center. It was in a wealthy neighborhood with private parks, and if I did pass his work, trees and hedges obscured it.

Today was still a great day. I lucked out when I set off to find two hard-to-locate places of interest. I set off early in search of a 38-foot robot sculpture which didn’t exactly have an address. I was driving around downtown looking at the sites when I saw this gleaming silver Gumby hanging low, playing the guitar, surrounded by metal birds. Awesome to behold.

The next event was seeking out the gravesite of Bonnie Parker (of Bonnie and Clyde fame). Again this should've been a terrible grave to find since the only Internet direction was...Drive inside, you’ll see a fork. There’s a hedge in the middle. She’s on the other side of the hedge. Thankfully I saw some stragglers drifting about, and I knew I'd found the resting place of one of the most violent criminals that ever was.

Again I have to mention how low-key drivers are in Dallas. No aggressive L.A. drivers. No honking. No road rage. Even I fell into the lull of driving under 40 mph. The locals I’ve met have been very gracious. I drove around residential streets, some of which give the Platinum Triangle of Beverly Hills/Bel Air/Holmby Hills a run for the money, and hung out at a park. And the canopy trees are breathtaking.

On my sister’s suggestion I wandered off to a seafood dive and ordered some tilapia with lemon pepper sauce. Delicious! To top it off, I came across Whole Foods while looking for a movie theater (which never happened). I drank a bottle of carrot juice and bought 3 apples and some olive oil. I feel like I need to swig the oil for my skin since I’m eating pretty lousy.

I put air in my tires…even though there was no gauge so I don’t know if I’m going to crash tomorrow. I also filled up on gas and cleaned my windshield. And I backed into a pole that wasn’t there the last time I checked. Thankfully, my car is elastic so the bumper just popped right up. I love my XB!

I also love the Whataburger logo...reminds me of Wonder Woman...

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