Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 15 - Three toll roads add up and it ain't purty


Cleveland wasn't part of the plan. After all, Ohio isn't even in the south, but what can I do? Superman. Gehry. I'd say it was worth visiting a city I could see myself living in...for a while at least. I was going to hang west and head to Chicago but BaddicuFinch put his foot down. Chicago was OUR future trip so keep out!

I arranged my music, water, and cheese puffs on the passenger seat for easy access. I knew the drive to Massachusetts would be grueling, and there was no way I was going to stop at food joints and waste time. Ten and a half hours, boooyyyyeeee. I took the I-90 passing through Pennsylvania and New York. I was charged three times for tolls totaling $28 - my precious motel money. Good thing I'm crashing at Ray and Dan's for a couple of days.

I could've made the trip quicker but for the speed traps every twenty miles or so. Just go over five miles and they snag you. A movie played in my head during the trip. This time my original was a western with a young Tommy Lee Jones. Great mental-movie moments. I've always thought Jones should've starred in more films in his youth.

With the movie waning and Modest Mouse thudding too loudly in my ears, I started scanning the road for deer, squirrels, and whatever creatures had been squished on the road. I must have seen over forty poor animals on the highway. The worse were the baby fawns. They looked like they were sleeping. I prayed that I wouldn't hit anything - not one creature - because I wouldn't be able to live with myself.

I reached Newtonville, just outside Boston, at 4pm as predicted, and Ray and Dan were pulling up as I arrived. Happy times. Dan, a caraholic, checked out my Clive, unhappy about the number the New Mexico cops did on the hubcaps and bumper. Eventually we went to a couple of thrift stores and ended up having dinner with Adrienne, Dan's mom. Met Dan's cousin, Marilyn. Very nice woman. Anyhoo, I'm super tired so I'm going to stop my ramblings. Good night!


Jane said...

Therese, Since you were in somewhat nearby Cleveland, I was going to see if you were going to come to Chicago and if we could meet up since I live right there. But if you don't, you and John will definitely have to visit sometime and I will show you around. Have you ever been to Chicago? I live in Oak Park right near all the Frank Lloyd Wright stuff, and since you seem to be an architecture fan, there is so much to see here. Safe travels. Jane

EzraPounded said...

Hey Jane. I swear I was going to Chicago since it was so close, but Baddicusfinch made his decree. WE have to go there together, he said. We'll be sure to call on you and your beautiful city soon. We've been talking about the boat tour around the city for a while now. Well, I'm enjoying this trip too much, I think. I feel sorry for Baddicus! You take care Jane.